Path Of The Jedi J-6 | Angry Birds Star Wars J-6 | 3 Star Walkthrough

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Path Of The Jedi J-6
Angry Birds Star Wars J-6

Episode: Path Of The Jedi
Level J-6
3 Star Walkthrough
Recorded On: iPod Touch, 4th Generation

Angry Birds Star Wars Walkthrough
Angry Birds Star Wars Cheats
Platforms: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android, Mac, PC, OSX, Windows

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I lost the lasor beams did this happen to anyone else?
How do I get it back? Thanks for any info

Did you solve the problem with the laser beams?

I lost the red beams how do I get them back? Thanks for any help.

The laser beams do not appear in this part of the game for me. If they are missing, how can you finish this level?

I can’t see the laser beams as well. Can anyone help me??

I don’t have the lasers, either. I’m on an iPad if it matters. I’m getting pretty irritated about not being able to complete the level, too.

Try to go back to J-5. Do that and press forward. That sometimes helps.

I keep losing the lasers also. I found if I go back to the beginning they sometimes will come back.

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