‪Bonus Level S-4 | Angry Birds Star Wars S-4 | 3 Star Walkthrough‬

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Bonus Level S-4
Angry Birds Star Wars S-4

Episode: Bonus
Level S-4
3 Star Walkthrough
Recorded On: iPod Touch, 4th Generation

Angry Birds Star Wars Walkthrough
Angry Birds Star Wars Cheats
Platforms: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android, Mac, PC, OSX, Windows

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Any ideas?? On my version that 3rd bar to the right also moves-no way to get all the way through-won’t give 3 stars for using both r2 and 3po. btw, the thumbnail pic and level names don’t match on main walkthrough page. Thanks for all the help!!

it can be done by aiming at the three blocks on top zap them and fly through to hit top tnt

I also found it impossible to make it through the three bars on the right. Thanks to Gary’s suggestion, I finally got three stars scoring 58160 — after a number of tries or course.

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