Angry Birds Wreck The Halls 1-4 | Angry Birds Seasons 2012 | Christmas Level 1-4 | 3 Star Walkthrough

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Wreck The Halls 1-4

Angry Birds Seasons
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Wreck The Halls
Theme: Wreck The Halls
3 Star Walkthrough
Level 1-4

Wreck The Halls 1-5 Walkthrough
Wreck The Halls 1-3 Walkthrough

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Don’t know what I would do without your walk thru’s….I don’t use them all the time, but they are a life saver when I get stuck! Thank you!!

So glad to hear it! This one was pretty tough.

Funny, I have a score of 72800 and only 2 stars!

me too. i cannot seem to get three stars. this is the last level for this season that i need three stars for.

I am totally stuck on this level. How do you get the birds to turn into 3 birds?? That never happens when I play.

Thanks for the help. I get stuck, but these walkthroughs really help me out on the 3 star challenge !

click again when the blue bird is in the air and hasnt hit anything yet

I just got Angry Birds Seasons for Nook. The 2012 “Wreck the Halls” has a first game that I cannot get past to get into Level 1. I’ve completed it 5 times. How do I get past this (2012! is formed by the wood boxes in the game screen) to get to level 1?

Still can’t get it. :/ this one is super tough.

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