Angry Birds Wreck The Halls 1-18 | Angry Birds Seasons 2012 | Christmas Level 1-18 | 3 Star Walkthrough

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Easy Version

High Score – 66,970 Points

Wreck The Halls 1-18

Angry Birds Seasons
Angry Birds Cheats
Wreck The Halls
Theme: Wreck The Halls
3 Star Walkthrough
Level 1-18

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Wreck The Halls 1-17 Walkthrough

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This level won’t load. It keeps saying connection error.

Angry Birds maker Rovio is having issues with their servers and is aware that people are getting the Network Error on Wreck The Halls 1-18. Hopefully they will have the problem fixed soon so that we can all play today’s new level! We posted this on our Facebook page here:

We’ll post an update here and there as soon as we know the problem is fixed!

On angry birds 1-18 is not working it is giving me this message saying your network is down try again later. And my network is not down it up and running great!

Angry Birds Wreck The Halls 1-18 Network Error appears to be fixed for us. We’ll have the walkthrough video up in just a bit!

It’s not fixed for me…

Still down for me @ 9:20pm central.

I didn’t have any problems with 1-18 but definitely can’t play 1-19 (“network error”) today. Tried total power-down of my iPad–twice.

The connection error has not been fixed on my iPhone or on my iPad. Anyone else experiencing this? I even tried to reinstall, but no luck.

Looks like Rovio is having server issues again. Network Connection errors on Wreck the Halls 1-18 and Wreck The Halls 1-19 are being reported on our Facebook page, and other sites. Looks like the servers went down again sometime this afternoon. We unlocked the 1-19 around 9AM EST without a problem.

We’ll keep you updated on when it’s fixed. Check out our Facebook page for more info:

Mine is still down. 12/20/11 11:30pm.

Network Error….my network is not down

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