Angry Birds Wreck The Halls 1-13 | Angry Birds Seasons 2012 | Christmas Level 1-13 | 3 Star Walkthrough

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Wreck The Halls 1-13

Angry Birds Seasons
Angry Birds Cheats
Wreck The Halls
Theme: Wreck The Halls
3 Star Walkthrough
Level 1-13

Wreck The Halls 1-14 Walkthrough
Wreck The Halls 1-12 Walkthrough

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Kill the pig bottom left (the more destruction the better, but get th’ pig). Arc over and weaken the structure under the cave, making room for the white bird to fly in, drop the egg and the head hits the fairy lights, the rocks drop and explodes the TNT. The rest of the scenario is superflous. My score: 91010.

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