Angry Birds Walkthrough | Level 3-5 | 3 Star | Theme 3

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Angry Birds 3-5

Angry Birds Cheats
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Theme 3
3 Star Angry Birds Walkthrough
Level 3-5

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it f#@$ing will not no matter what f#@$ing break the tent or even fall over it pissing me off bur I love the birdies

on my version, the stone is glass. why is it stone there?

Same here

Same here it also has another bird in it than this, one does

I was wondering that because mineis glass too.

You need to hit just below joint of the 1st and 2nd level 3 times…roof method not working..

This one worked for me! Instead of what the video shows


In the video there is no block to keep the pig in place!so stupid!

Same here tried the trick will not work for me either. Stupid to be stuck on such a low level.

This worked perfectly for me. Thanks!


Ahhh, finally! Was starting to go insane trying to get to the TNT but two attempts after reading this & I’m moving on up to the next level. Thank you

ıt’s ever hard level ı’ve ever seen

Finally got it after so many attempts. Thanks for the tip.

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