Angry Birds Tyrkisk Peber Volcano Codes

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Angry Birds Tyrkisk Peber Volcano is a new special episode created by Rovio for Finnish candy maker Fazer. The episode promotes Fazer’s Tyrkisk Peber Volcano which is a new spicy licorice candy.

The first three levels are open for anyone to play at the official website:

To unlock levels 4-6 you can find codes on product packaging, the Fazer website or Facebook page and on their YouTube channel. Or, you can get them, along with instructions on how to use them, right here on Angry Birds Cheats.

Unlock Levels 4-6 using the Secret Codes:
1. Once you are on the site, click the big PLAY button.
2. Click the button that says Enter Secret Codes.
3. This is IMPORTANT. Enter the codes exactly as they are shown in steps 4 through 6. They must be entered in exact order.
4. Enter code: 532337-191967, then click Submit to unlock Level 4.
5. Enter code: 229652-722979, then click Submit to unlock Level 5.
6. Enter code: 6416453036352, then click Submit to unlock Level 6.
7. Visit the Tyrkisk Peber Volcano Walkthrough page for 3 Star Walkthroughs for all six levels.

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