Angry Birds Summer Pignic 1-5 | Angry Birds Seasons 1-5 | 3 Star Walkthrough

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Angry Birds Seasons 1-5

Angry Birds Cheats
Summer Pignic
Theme 5: Summer
3 Star Walkthrough
Level 1-5

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I’m assuming my game has a glitch because I have done exactly what’s in this video and then some and it keeps saying I failed 

I have done this 5 times and every tinme it says I have failed. Must be a glitch. Please fix!

Yup there’s a glitch unless there’s some hidden pig the demo destroyed that we couldn’t see!

NO glitch, I looked this up. There’s a pig in the grass under the pile to the right of the second pillar. Gotta get that one to win the level.

It is not a glitch. There is a very small pig that is under the entire structure almost completely hidden by the grass. If you watch carefully you will see it get hit.

I’m so sad!!!!! Every time one my angry bird games update I LOSE ALL my previous wins! Grrrrrrr I paid for them all but got them thrum Amazon maybe that’s why 🙂

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