Angry Birds Space Eggsteroids E-6 Location | Golden Egg Level E-6 Location

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Fry Me To The Moon 3-10 is the famous Seattle level that was released as a teaser for the first update to Angry Birds Space. This is also the last level of the first update to the Fry Me To The Moon episode. The Golden Eggsteroid can be found behind and below the slingshot. Just shoot the purple Lazer Bird backwards and the tap the Golden Eggsteroid to make it shoot down and hit it to unlock the Eggsteroid E-6 Level. This stage pays homage to the first video game ever created, Pong.

Angry Birds Space E-6
Eggsteroids E-6
Eggsteroids Location Bonus Level
E-6 Location Level

Episode: Eggsteroids
Level E-6
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