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Cold Cuts 2-25 puts you in a unique predicament.  Your first two birds are of the splitter variety and aren’t much help towards you opening up the portal with the golden eggsteroid.  Dump your first two birds and focus on your last.  You want to put the bird in a position, so that you can tap the golden eggsteroid (located on the back side of your fling station.  The most improbably spot to put it, you can bet that the Rovio folks would put it there.  Tap that spot and go to the retro portal.

E-4 Eggsteroid level pays homage to the fun game, Bubble Bobble. Launch your Big Green bird towards the second row of stone blocks.  The objective should be to knock out the pig on that ledge, but have the bird fall back down and take out the smaller pig on the first row.  Getting the most action out of your Big Green bird is crucial, because of all the damage it can do.  Not capitalizing on it, is just a waste.  As a reward, the giant radish will drop down to the center of the screen.  Now take your second bird and be sure to tap the screen.  This will take out the radish and any remaining pigs on this level.

Angry Birds Space E-4
Eggsteroids E-4
Eggsteroids Location Bonus Level
E-4 Location Level

Episode: Eggsteroids
Level E-4
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