Angry Birds Space Eggsteroids E-2 Location | Golden Egg Level E-2 Location

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Pig Bang 1-20 has a golden egg that takes you to the land of Super Mario Brothers!  You will see a shimmering egg, buried in the foliage on the planet surface.  Position your bird high above that spot, then tap that exact spot.  Your bird will change directions to that exact spot and open up the portal.

Once there, you want to fling your bird towards the lower portion of the concrete block on the second floor.  This will cause a pig to pop-up.  Depending on where your bird will then land, determines if a vegetable will pop up from the first floor.  This walkthrough was knocked out with one bird.  Sometimes it takes two birds.  Your goal should be to knock out the pig and get as many vegetables out, as possible.  For added measure, the way your birds will land could determine how many wood blocks get destroyed (bonus points).

Angry Birds Space E-2
Eggsteroids E-2
Eggsteroids Location Bonus Level
E-2 Location Level

Episode: Eggsteroids
Level E-2
3 Star Walkthrough

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how do I get the video for the other egg battle with the rock hanging over the bushes in between two structures?

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