Angry Birds Space Eggsteroids E-1 Location | Golden Egg Level E-1 Location

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On Pig Bang 1-9, you will notice the asteroid grid.  On the surface of the planet, you should see lots of green bushes, as well as what looks like a gold dinosaur egg.  This is actually what you want to focus on.  Fling your bird towards the planet surface and be sure to tap your screen, once the bird has gone half the distance of the asteroid belt.  This will split the birds into three and hone in on the egg below.  Once you hit that egg, a portal will open up and sweep you away to Space Invaders-ville.

Take your first bomb and act like you are going after the invader to your left on the second row.  This will cause a chain reaction with all four of the invaders that are in your way.  Your next step should be to wait a few seconds and watch the pig collide to the far left of the screen.

Angry Birds Space E-1
Eggsteroids E-1
Eggsteroids Location Bonus Level
E-1 Location Level

Episode: Eggsteroids
Level E-1
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Angry Birds Space – Eggsteroids E-1 Golden Egg Level

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