Angry Birds Space D-27 | Danger Zone D-27 | Level D-27 3 Star Walkthrough

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This may be the hardest level in the entire Angry Birds Space initial round of Episodes. We spent hours trying to get this one complete. Finally we took a look at how the couple of others who had the walkthrough on YouTube were doing it and that still didnt’ help. The method in this video hasn’t been posted anywhere else yet and it’s easy, takes only 2 birds (but can be done with 3 if you miss the second shot). Good luck!

Easy Alternate Version – Down

Easy Alternate Version – Up

The Danger Zone levels are the hardest episode of levels in Angry Birds Space. Be warned, they are not for the faint of heart. This video shows one way to complete Danger Zone D-27 with three stars. You may have your own better solution to get 3 Stars on this level and we welcome you to let us and others know about it by posting a comment below. You can also post comments or questions at the bottom of the page.

Angry Birds Space D-27
Danger Zone D-27
Angry Birds Space Level D-27

Episode: Danger Zone
Level D-27
3 Star Walkthrough

Angry Birds Space Walkthrough
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Thank you!!!! After an hour trying the way I’ve seen published elsewhere, this took one minute.

Glad it helped! We’d also appreciate it if you would please comment and thumbs up the video on YouTube as well. Thanks for visiting our site.

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