Angry Birds Space D-1 | Danger Zone D-1 | Level D-1 3 Star Walkthrough

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The Danger Zone levels are the hardest episode of levels in Angry Birds Space. Be warned, they are not for the faint of heart. This video shows one way to complete Danger Zone D-1 with three stars. You may have your own better solution to get 3 Stars on this level and we welcome you to let us and others know about it by posting a comment below. You can also post comments or questions at the bottom of the page.

Angry Birds Space D-1
Danger Zone D-1
Angry Birds Space Level D-1

Episode: Danger Zone
Level D-1
3 Star Walkthrough

Angry Birds Space Walkthrough
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On D-1 I got 3 stars and 89,000 points and it still won’t let me go to D-2. Why???

Because the Danger Zone levels are actually a paid add-on to Angry Birds Space. The first level is free (isn’t it always!), but after the first level, you have to pay the $0.99 in-app fee to be able to play the other 29 levels.

We are not typically fans of in-app purchases and it especially goes against the model that Rovio has previous established with the Angry Birds fanchise, but when you look at all the other crappy games on iTunes and in the Android Market, it’s well worth it, in our opinion.

How do you get the add-on, I have been trying to get it and pay for it?


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