Angry Birds Space 4-28 | Utopia 4-28 | 3 Star Walkthrough

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Angry Birds Space 4-28
Utopia 4-28

Episode: Utopia
Level 4-28
3 Star Walkthrough

Angry Birds Space Walkthrough
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Utopia level 28 will not load & I need help!

I got three stars, using only the purple bird. Hope I can describe what I did.

I shot the first bird above the pink “donut” just barely skimming the atmosphere to give the bird a slight down ward angle. The bird missed the larger planet and when it arrived at the spot, I clicked so that the bird will hit the ropes holding the two boulders.

Both boulders destroyed everything and I scored 125620 points and three stars.

Thanks Christy,

We got this fixed. We appreciate you using our site.

ABC Admin

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