Angry Birds Space 2-2 | Cold Cuts 2-2 | Level 2-2 3 Star Walkthrough

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This video shows one way to achieve 3 stars on Angry Birds Space, Cold Cuts 2-2. This tutorial is intended to give the viewer one possible solution, but there are other ways three stars can be achieved. If you have an alternate solution, comment or questions, please post using the form below.


This is an easy alternate to the normal method.  Take your first bird and knock out that big asteroid to the right of your sling.  From there, fling your next bird between the big bolder and the planet.  Split the two of them, but be sure to tap your screen and split your bird into three.  You want to do this immediately after it leaves the planet’s orbit.  Mass carnage should ensue and 3-stars later, you are onto Cold Cuts 2-3.


This is another alternate easy method to getting 3-stars on Cold Cuts 2-2.  Take your first bird and aim it at the large asteroid (diagonal to the right).  Try to hit that rock straight on.  This should take out a few of the pigs and send the asteroid into orbit and knock out the structure on the surface.  From there, you want to aim your second bird to the left of the frozen planet, but under the asteroid.  Your goal should be to fling your bird between those two items and use the atmosphere to boomerang you through.  Once your bird is safely past the asteroid and planet, tap the screen so that they split into three for maximum carnage.  Hopefully, this will knock out all of your pigs and get you the 3-stars.  The only difference between these two walkthrough videos is when you decide to tap the screen to split the birds.  That will determine the amount of damage you are able to capitalize on.

Angry Birds Space 2-2
Cold Cuts 2-2

Episode: Cold Cuts
Level 2-2
3 Star Walkthrough

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