Angry Birds Space 1-20 | Pig Bang 1-20 | Level 1-20 3 Star Walkthrough

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This video shows one way to achieve 3 stars on Angry Birds Space, Pig Bang 1-20. This tutorial is intended to give the viewer one possible solution, but there are other ways three stars can be achieved. If you have an alternate solution, comment or questions, please post using the form below.

Angry Birds Space 1-20
Pig Bang 1-20

Episode: Pig Bang
Level 1-20
3 Star Walkthrough

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anyone else having problems with level 1-20

Yes. When I click the mouse, the bird goes straight back the way it came. If I don’t click, it keeps going in a straight line.

The Purple Lazer bird is new in Angry Birds Space. To use it, you shoot it from the sling, then during flight, you click or tap (depending on the platform) the place where it to change directions and shoot towards. Make sure you click or tap on the new target. When you do, you will see a purple crossheirs symbol appear in the exact place where you tapped or clicked. The Lazer Bird will immediately change flight direction and shoot toward the target/crossheirs.

Now that you have this info, re-watch the video to see how it works, and then try it yourself. It’s an awesome new bird and great for targeting hard to get to spots.

ABC Admin

Whenever I shoot the bird it comes back how to shoot it 90 degree as in this video?

I can’t find the 3star answer for e2. I have a screen with lots of bushes in between two structures and there is a large rock suspended above that by a chain. Can anyone help me with this?

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