Angry Birds Seasons 1-19 | Angry Birds Seasons Greedings 1-19 | 3 Star Walkthrough

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Angry Birds Seasons 1-19

Angry Birds Cheats
Season’s Greedings
Theme 4
3 Star Walkthrough
Level 1-19

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I found this one really hard – couldn’t for the life of me get the yellow bird to go through the roof into the last house as done here. I finally succeeded by sending the first white bird up high to drop down between the 2 furtherest houses and cause a lot of damage and destroying the 3 pigs there. Then used the yellow bird to go straight into the first house destroying the last pig. This left me with one spare bird and final score of 49,420. Phew!

Yes it is hard!!! I couldn’t do what presented here, Feebee’s way is easier

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