Angry Birds Rio 8-5 | 3 Star Walkthrough | Carnival Upheaval Level 8-5

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Angry Birds Rio 8-5

Angry Birds Cheats
Angry Birds Rio Walkthrough
Theme 4: Carnivale Upheaval
3 Star Walkthrough
Level 8-5

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This level suck I tried a hundred times to get that crate wtf

You should first clear the monkey above crest and then detonate the white bird so that the egg explodes in the space beside the crest. That way you get the papaya.

i have over 74,000 points and it only gives me one star, ???

I’m currently at over 81,000, still only getting one star …!

I got the papaya but failed to clear. I have a 71520 high score—one star. Gotta be a glitch here.

Me too. Just crossed 76000 and only one star. WTF!!

I also have only 1 star at 74000

I have gotten 76000 on Carneval Upheaval 8-5 but only 1 star!

I ‘ve got 81,980 points, but only one star.
How on earth is this possible?

I have over 7800 points and only get one star??

Thats 78,000

I had 3 stars with over 73,000 but it changed to 1 star with the latest update and I can’t get 3 stars back.

I had 3 stars on all levels and all the fruit- what have they done- I want my 3 stars back. 75830 points and only 1 star?

Same 74000 n 1 star what a joke!!!!!

I believe that latest update takes 2 stars away.if you want those 2 stars back you’ll have to buy the mighty eagle and that costs about 0,80 cents.

Bought the Eagle and still only 1 star with 77,100 points!

Yeah! What the blood’y L apen to me bloody 3 stars? Come on kookoo birds, fix the thing.

Did someone solved this issue yet?

I would like my money back. We are playing this game expecting to work. When it’s not I’m expecting my moeny back

i have 73.800 and 1 star the update has buggered it up

So mad! 81,050 still 1 star, tried everything so pls help!

I have 3 star before the updates! What’s going on?

78650. One friggin star.

Same ere, only 1star on 78000 points. Been playing that level for days now. Grrrrrrrr.

77k plus and only one star. Wtf!!!

I still only have 1 star for weeks now this is driving me nuts I can’t take much more. Like everyone else did update and nothing.

Same here and it’s pissin me off!

OMG! I want those two stars! Ugg!!!!!!!

Have 78,810 w/only 1 star. WTH??? Can someone help???

Keep only gettin 1 star !!!!! now I know I’m not the only one, feelin less frustrated, plz sort it out real soon I love this game 🙂

I got 2 stars back,when I downloaded new update.

I have literally hit 70,000 + over 50 times and still only 1 freaking star! I’m so relieved to finally be able to stop trying on this damn level.. … Why are we all so addicted to this bird slinging game??

The only level I’ve got b4 completing all levels in entirety! C’mon, really? This sucks. Got the crate, bought the eagle, high score 78,600, and one stinking star. Really frustrating.

Talk to us rio. Over 80000 and one star

I also had the 3 star issue. it was the update that made it mess up. i finally just deleted it and reinstalled it and started it all over. When I got to the level again it gave me 3 stars like it was supposed to. Sucks to start over but then again it was kinda fun playing it all again too : )

I can’t get the blue bird to hit the monkey on first try without the steel and small monkey blocking my passage to use the red bird on wood box in order for bomb bird to hit platform for papaya!! Try as I might, just keep getting steel in my way. arrghhh!

I’ve already gotten the 3 stars, just need to get that papaya…trajectory always seems to be wrong..any suggestions/help out there? And what is the reference to the ‘crest’…the blue platform or what?

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