Angry Birds Friends | Week 35, Tournament 4 | Week Of January 14th | 3 Star Walkthrough

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Orange Birds Version

White & Yellow Birds Version

We posted the video with the White & Yellow Birds first, then someone left a comment on the site that these were the wrong birds. So we went back and looked at our level. Even though we just played it, Rovio had switched the the level to the one with the 3 orange birds and the weird pink squares you had to “kill”. We deleted the White & Yellow Bird version and posted the Orange Bird version. Now they switched it back! So here it are BOTH!

Angry Birds Facebook
Angry Birds Friends Tournament 4
Week 35, Tournament 4
Tournament 4, Week 35

Angry Birds Friends
Tournament 4
Angry Birds Friends Facebook Tournament 4, Week 35
Angry Birds Friends Tournament Week Of January 14th


Angry Birds Friends Walkthrough
Angry Birds Friends Cheats
Devices: iPad, iPhone, iPod, PC, Mac, Facebook

Friends Tournament 1 Week 36 Walkthrough
Friends Tournament 3 Week 35 Walkthrough

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this is not the right one the right level but wrong birds

this is not the #4 tournament that is on Face Book.

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