Angry Birds Friends Tournament 4 | Facebook Level 4 | 3 Star Walkthrough

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The first walkthrough video for Angry Birds Friends Tournament 4, is a traditional approach with normal shot selection. You want to fling the first bomber bird towards the top portion of the closest column. The objective is to get the explosion to launch the damaged lumber upwards, hopefully knocking out the column above.


The second video is our alternate, which focuses on maximum damage towards achieving a higher score. You want your first bomber bird to clear through the entry and make its way to the base of the farthest column. The goal is for the explosion to cause the damaged lumber to fly to the other columns and create ripples. Since we are in a tournament, destroying everything in sight is the main objective. More damage means more points.

Angry Birds Facebook
Angry Birds Friends Tournament 4
Tournament 4
Friends Tournament Facebook Level 4
Tournament Level 4
Facebook Level 4

Episode : Friends Tournament
3 Star Walkthrough

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Devices: iPad, iPhone, iPod, PC, Mac, Facebook

Friends Tournament 3 Walkthrough

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