Angry Birds Easter Egg Hunt 6 Location – Facebook Easter Egg 6

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This hidden Golden Egg is under the stuff on the bottom right side of Surf And Turf – Level 6. You can get it with one yellow bird, like we show in the video. You can also take down the biggest part and then use the blue bird to knock down the structure in the middle and shoot the 2nd yellow bird straight-ish and into the egg.

Angry Birds Facebook
Easter Egg Hunt
Easter Egg 6 Location
Hidden Egg 6

Golden Egg Location
Angry Birds Facebook
Episode: Easter Egg Hunt
Facebook Beta Version

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When will the Walktrough of this level come?
This level is to hard to get 3 stars.

(i mean the level that you get from the easter egg)

It’s been live, we just haven’t been able to link them up yet:


ABC Admin

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