Angry Birds Chrome Logo (Golden Egg) Location 5| Unlock Chrome Dimension 4-5

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Angry Birds Chrome Logo Location 5

Angry Birds Cheats
Golden Egg (Chrome Logo) 5 Location
Chrome Level 2-20
Unlock Level 4-5 in Chrome Dimension
Angry Birds Chrome Cheats

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How do you do that?? Ive gotten every chrome one but that one and i cant seem to get it just right where he bounces.

View the HD version of our YouTube walkthrough video at full screen. Try to match the gap between the two sides of the slingshot exactly. It might take a few tries, but you’ll get it. This is definitely a tough one.

an easier way to do it is to drop the egg on the left side of the wall, so it blows the logo sideways, then it rolls back and explodes.

The White bird always bounces and not goes straight!

I can’t target it to the edge!

Drop a bomb on the brown box just to the left of the wall near the Chrome icon. That worked for me.

Dropping the bomb worked on the first try!

I know why hitting the box works! The explosion moves the icon up, and on the way down, it hits that small triangle like notch and breaks

Dropping the bomb totally worked!!!!

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