Angry Birds Chrome Logo (Golden Egg) Location 1| Unlock Chrome Dimension 4-1

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Angry Birds Chrome Logo Location 1

Angry Birds Cheats
Golden Egg (Chrome Logo) 1 Location
Chrome Level 1-16
Unlock Level 4-1 in Chrome Dimension
Angry Birds Chrome Cheats

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mine moves and i cant get it its impossible! plz help with swings across the screen 🙁

It’s all in the timing. What I don’t understand is WHY I can’t see Level 4 after hitting all the chrome symbols.

When I go to these levels I do not see the golden eggs. How do I get them to appear?

Move the wheel on your mouse to get everything in sight.

If you’re using a laptop, use the arrow keys to zoom in and out.

I don’t understand. I found all the chrome logos and hit them with my bird or whatever and Level 4 is still not showing up for me to play. Does anyone know why? I have made it through all levels and gotten the google chrome in all the locations indicated in the cheats. Maybe something was missing or maybe I didn’t do something right? Please help! 🙂

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