Angry Birds Chrome 3-5 | 3 Star Walkthrough | Level 3-5 Theme 1

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Angry Birds Chrome 3-5

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Man, I have tried and tried to get this one. But I also don’t have a regular mouse either. I wonder if that makes a difference.

Try viewing the HD version of our video on YouTube. Look at it full screen, then try to match the placement of the birds in the slingshot exactly. The first bird needs to hit the wood plank that is sticking out on the left side. The next two need to land exactly in the center, from the top. If you look closer at the HD version, you will probably be able to match it and 3-star the level. Good luck!

I did this exact placement, got the exact same score, I’ve even gotten a higher highscore, and I cannot get 3 stars

It took me a million times but i finally got it!

Wow, I tried to copy this but i can’t do it but instead i defeated this level with one bird left and 113, 430 points.

any other short cut for the same to will the game

Yes I Did it………By achieving the 3 Star New level…..

Man I did it… 3 star and score of 120000

:'( I just cant get it. when and if i hit the wooden plank the other glass, wood and stone boards do not fall perfectly into place. 🙁

And the pig get bruised but doesn’t die, do u have any other easier ways to beat this level? 🙁 😕

>:( GRRR I finally got it but when the final bird went through it hit a small stone bounced off and the TNT did not explode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congrats! We were feeling your pain…

Just dont do the first hit do the second hit and keep doing it: pull down x2

There has been a change to this level in the last few days. Notice there is a small piece of glass just to the left of the main pig in the center of the screen that wasn’t there before. It makes the level more difficult to overcome.


You are correct. That’s so strange. Can’t believe they changed the level to make it harder. We’ll have to do this level again and post up a new video. Look for that soon. Thanks for posting the info.

more like lots of changes… more birds, more points… way more pain in the arse

Anywho, hit the plank sticking out on the left side.
Drop bird in from above (aim for center of “house”)
Drop second bird to help with penetration.

If this doesn’t work at first… try and try again until you succeed. Took me at LEAST 50 tries.

Used all three birds but still came out with 3 stars and 99840 score.

I love this game!!!!!!!!

I just cleared this level after over an hour of trying. Just send all three birds up and down through the middle.

Owe you one!! this worked!! i tried forever to pass this level


Yes! I did it! I agree w/ Casie. Just send all three birds up and down through the middle. It totally works, and I did it in about 15 minutes!! Thanks!


I DID IT!!!!!! whit 1 star and 97380 score!!!! but i DID IT!!!!!!!

just keep hitting the lowest left wall.. easiest way i found

I don’t get it, I finished this one with a higher score than they got in the video (107290) and still only got 2 stars.

Finally got this, you need 110,000+ to get 3 stars. Best way is to use the high arcing method so that the bird comes down through the horizontal piece of glass on the left. I got it w/2 birds…just took forever.

I just scored 107007 and it only gave me two stars! Something’s not right when you only got 106400 and they gave you 3 stars.

This level took me a long time to complete. SOMEHOW, I’ve just managed to do it using only one bird, and my final score was 123180. I sent the bird up in an ark (pulling the catapult down and as far to the right as I could without then sending the bird to the left), which broke the glass, snapped the wood and then fell down and set off the TNT. I probably couldn’t do it again if my life depended on it! 🙂

Easiest way I found was using all 3 on the lower left wall.

Tip: Instead of hitting the wall with the first bird, just use the first bird to hit the center like they did in the demonstration with the 2nd bird. Shoot the 2nd bird in the exacy same spot and voila …. 3 stars and 114,620 pts

Hm.. That’s really weird, I have the EXACT same highscore (106,400) but yet I only got 2 stars for it.

ok…I am up to level 3….when I shut down the browser and restart later it goes back to level one…is there someway I can save stuff? so I can get back to level 3 again and not have to go through the others?

I’m with the others here – I got a higher score than the video, but still I only got two stars. What’s up with that?

i COULD NOT get the video to work !! .. I pulled the FIRST bird down as far and as tight as could go to the bottom of the pole .. went up and straight down the middle winning with ONE BIRD and 122940 points on THREE star ..

I did it by shooting ALL 3 birds into the CENTRE so they smash glass and break TNT which blows em all up – took a while, pull em as close to slingshot post as poss and it worked

It worked!!

If you hit it just right, you can use only 2 birds & get a three-star rating as well!! 😉

I did something diffrent and more easy, I just strached the bird so if ill strach it more it’ll be on the shooter itself (like this: )
and then, when the bird started to fall back to the ground, i clicked it for more speed.
I did so with all the 3 birds and exploaded all of the pigs:)

i got 115608 much better than yours admin

I got 126,220. One bird high up and close to the sling shot. Make sure landing is to the left of the roof ridge and good luck as it has to be hit just right to break through.

i used only 1 bird

I did it with 2 birds…3 stars!

i used 3 birds but i just kept firing them into the second spot in the video but the third bird can only break the ice in the middle so if there is any wood over the ice it wont break it i finished with 107,880

High Score: 123490

And this after failing to beat the mission with all 3 balls. Tried the Plonking ball into dead centre method told here. Worked like a charm and obliterated everything. Key is to keep the slinger as close to neutral position (i.e 90 degrees) as possible. Works too good!

wow urs actually worked.

oh that was beyond frustrating!!! I had the version with the glass and then the little block of glass so the pig wouldnt roll. I had to launch all three birds at the top by catapult method. took all three birds. I got a score of 103440 and i got three stars. oh that was horrible… im glad its over LOL

I got it using all 3 birds just kept hitting them to land in the middle top and smashed through the top of structure. 🙂

I found if you do the second step for the first two, pull the birds down at that extreme angle, you can clear it in 2 birds. Score: 116720, 3 stars.

that’s how I did it. only I didn’t explain it as well. lol
thank you! 🙂

Finally! after a few tries, I finally got 3 stars with just 2 birds. the way the threw the bird on the 2nd and 3rd bird is the way I did it with the 1st bird which made it much easier with the 2nd bird..yay me!

i got 107k points and only two stars wtf

me too !! 106510 and only 2 stars on google+ game

I just shot one bird straight up in the air and destroyed everything. Also got three stars… Admin should try it. Though this is so helpful!

I managed it! With one bird, to get three stars. None of the ones shown on here worked for me.
Not going to pretend it was anything more than luck.

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