Angry Birds Chrome 3-21 | 3 Star Walkthrough | Level 3-21 Theme 1

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Angry Birds Chrome 3-21

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Poached Eggs
Theme 1
3 Star Walkthrough
Angry Birds Chrome Cheats
Level 3-21

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how do you unlock the rest of level 4, I’ve unlocked 4-4 and 4-6 but can’t get the rest

Look at the walkthroughs on this page and you can see where and how to unlock all 7 Chrome Dimension levels:

do what i do cheat

OMG! I can’t believe I got through level 3-21 with 3 stars, one bird/egg thingy left, and a score of 107,780 and I didn’t even use the cheat! I’m going to look at the video now to see how I could have done better though. I also don’t understand the comment pertaining to the chrome dimension levels and what are the golden eggs? Are they another type of object used to destroy pigs and structures? I’m VERY new at this and usually really suck at video games (I’m OLD, what can I say? LOL!). I am so addicted!! 😀

Ok, after watching the video, I am VERY curious how the points score because the video showed no bird/egg thingies left and they got a higher score than I did. I can only assume that maybe I didn’t destroy as much of the structure??? As I mentioned before, I’ve VERY NEW to this so I don’t know how it all works yet but I am having fun playing!! 🙂 😀

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