Angry Birds Chrome 3-18 | 3 Star Walkthrough | Level 3-18 Theme 1

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Angry Birds Chrome 3-18

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Theme 1
3 Star Walkthrough
Angry Birds Chrome Cheats
Level 3-18

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i have to say, i have a better way of doing this and i was left with 1 left over and higher points (:

Then why not post it?

I followed this strategy and must have gotten lucky, had one bird left at the end.

I also did it with one bird left over, got more points:
1) shoot the first red bird directly at the first tower. It will fall over and blow a bunch of shit up
2) aim the first yellow bird so that he takes out the first two pigs and clears the rubble away
3) aim the second yellow bird so that he lands at the base of the second tower, knocking it over and killing the last pig
4) aim the big white bird so it can shoot the egg bomb at the bridge support just before the box of explosives. This should bring down the entire bridge and kill all the remaining pigs.

I just got 120310… Cleared it with 2 birds left!

I had trouble with this one even with the video. I was finally able to finish with a score if 86,220 and one bird left over. The person above did fabulous with this (2 birds left!!). I really appreciate these videos. I was stuck on Level 1-21 for DAYS because I didn’t know the blue birds split and the yellow birds rocketed, etc. I bet I still don’t know a lot. LOL! Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the cheats! :))

i did it with one bird left and it took a while…. might not work on the first try but don’t give up!!!

yeah i also got it with 1 bird left 🙂

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