Angry Birds Chrome 3-15 | 3 Star Walkthrough | Level 3-15 Theme 1

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Angry Birds Chrome 3-15

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Theme 1
3 Star Walkthrough
Angry Birds Chrome Cheats
Level 3-15

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3 stars 88210

got three stars too and i got 89054

How can you get a score of 50000+ with the first bird … must be some kind of cheat then? I’ve tried this over and over (playin in chrome in HD version) and the maximum i get is 54650 after trying 100000000 times). You did this witch some kind of cheat?

v. good children


I really wish I could do that. Could you show us how you did that?

Hmmm, 59310 and i got 3 stars 😀

Thank you soooo much. I was stuck here for 5 days.

I cannot beat this shit. Me and three other people have been trying for 3 days. All three of the others have beat it previously!

I Try it like the video – But i got only 25000 – 30000 max. 35000 with the first bird… Every Level 3* but not this…

me 2 still 3 days 🙁

I can get the first “bomb” exactly in the same place, but my blast does not leave the “debris” in the same place as yours. I end up with a huge pile of stone that I can’t get thru. Also, my egg bombs do not have as much effect as yours do. I have tried this thing hundreds of times, probably 3 or 4 days now and can’t get anywhere. This sucks. I have tried placing the bomb in different areas, & while I can kill some pigs, there is always one that is impossible to get to due to all the debris. Is there some secret to getting more power out of my stupid birds?

very very very same as you.. getting mad!

with the same shot of the first bird I blow only 2 pigs! HOLY S%$#!

Can’t get it done, i keep playing this one about 4-5 days and can`t do it !! Help me !!

This level was designed to trick Chrome users into buying an add-on. Unfortunately most of the Angry Bird levels can be defeated in several different ways. This one has but one way and it’s virtually impossible in Chrome. You just have to keep trying for hundreds of times until the obstructions fall in a way that allows victory. Whoever designed this level should rot in hell.

They’ve made it tough so people start buying the great eagle..
Google makes lots of money still they would beg for $.99

uninstalling google chrome switching back to yahoo.. deleting gmail account.. I’m busting you google.

I’ve tried this level sooooo many times in CHROME… it really doesn’t work. What a waste of time… and NO i’m not buying your stupid eagle, google!

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