Angry Birds Chrome 3-14 | 3 Star Walkthrough | Level 3-14 Theme 1

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Angry Birds Chrome 3-14

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3 Star Walkthrough
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Level 3-14

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I have tried this 1000 times and not once has the first red one killed 3 of the pigs. Very frustrating level.

just try, i got 3 (but they were the wrong ones) on my first go like this! on my second i did it! just keep on trying

Same here man, Im going vrazy grying to get the 3 stars on this one, looks impossible; you get it only with lots of luck ! Im ANGRY Angry-birds player now !

@ Beayn: Look at the gap between the two sides of the slingshot when it’s pulled back in our video. Try to match it exactly. You want to try and lob the red bird to the top of the wood structure and get it to roll off onto the stone one. Good luck!

you can get it in 2 shots actually…

i was able to do that without usin the last bird .. these are really helpful and this guy is genius !!!!!

You can actually kill 4 birds with the initial red guy.

This is probably the hardest to get 3 stars on. I have about given up. It is nearly impossible to get the numbers of pigs on the first hit. I have done it over and over and hit it exactly where the walk thru demonstrated and the big pig gets nothing but a bump, not a kill…

Well I finally cleared it but it took two days and having to kill all four on the first shot. I also had to change the versions a few times. I think alot of it has to do with how fast your processor is. I have an older machine which helps on some is important but when you need sheer speed for the red birds like this one it really is a disability and neither version were all that helpful, but I finally beat the level on the SD.

I manage to kill 4 pigs with red guy on my first try.this video is really helpful!

i got 3 stars in 5 minutes-this guy rocks

I will fed-ex my machine , if theres a nice soul that would want to get me through this level, thanks and happy holidays.

i really cant do this ive tried and tried its driving me insane lol

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