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Just like with Angry Birds Chrome 1-20 there are lots of comments saying this technique doesn’t work, that it’s dumb luck and that we can’t repeat it. So we recorded another video doing the same level, same method and 3 starred it in about 20 tries. You can see the high score from the first video in the screen capture and see it being beat in the new video below.

Hope this clears up the questions from the haters!

Ricocheting the red bird off the wood block making it bouce up into the TNT box is not dumb luck, is accuracy and skill. Take your time and keep trying. You’ll get it.


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It is highly unlikely to get the proposed solution to work. Any other suggestion would be highly appreciated. I tried hundred of times but never got it right.

See post for updated content with new video that shows you can get the proposed solution to work AND that it doesn’t have to even be exactly as shown in the first video. Thanks for using our site!

i tried this 5 times n got it the 6th.. its very possible. and like they said.. its accuracy AND skill πŸ˜‰

this one so friggin hard… can’t do it, billions of attempts… no dice.

You guys didn’t try hard enough. I didn’t get it exactly the same way. The key is to hit that wood block just right. In my case, the bird hit the TNT above that first wood block and set off a chain reaction that managed to take out everything.

Note: Use the background image to line up the bird. I usually use the bird’s tailfeathers as a point of reference.

Show me a video where you do this several times in a row, and I’ll believe it wasn’t pure, dumb luck.
Clearly, doing this level this way is not impossible, strictly speaking; but the probability of most people doing this intentionally is next to zero.

We received your comment and approved it. 30 minutes later, we have recorded a new 3 Star video, edited it to add the Angry Birds Cheats slates, exported and encoded it, uploaded it to YouTube, added title, tags and description, embbeded it in the Angry Birds Cheats site with a long description and posted this reply. Good night.

Try this: Under normal zoom, start by drawing back to the corner formed at the pink flower, then carefully draw straight left horizontally until you reach a pixel or two past the left edge of that pink flower. You’ll know it’s right when your bird hits the tnt and follows through right down the middle to the left of the centralmost tnt box (landing on the second and third birds along the ground).

Thank you Andrew!!!! this level has been driving me insane for i don’t want to know how long lol. But tried what you said and it took me literally 3 tries lol πŸ˜€

I must say this worked for me also. Bottom-left corner of the flower and left of the ‘bounding box’.

not sure if this works with the new version

I got it to work but out of unluckiness, i only got 61910 -_-.

I tried hundreds of times watched this and like magic did it thank u soo much x x

Thank yOU..
it works for me..

This actually worked! Took me a couple tries bit I got it! πŸ™‚

If looks like a random shot, but if you aim at that exact place and get the bounce right, you’ll get the same chain reaction and 3 star the level. This isn’t just a lucky shot.


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i hv tried this more than 1000 times , not possible, but still get to managed with 2 red birds, you have to cross 64000 points then you will get 3 star , i got 64420, and 3 star πŸ™‚

and in next attempt i got 68260 with single birds,

try parabolic hit on upper right on upper TNT box

I have tried this many times and I notice that when you hit the first TNT box, the rock next to it goes to hit the boulder and continues to follow through instead of backspinning. Perhaps did they tweak the power of TNT boxes?

and this is why it doesn’t work

Doesn’t work

I’ve hit it in the exact same place as the video two dozen times and it has yet to clear the board or get me over points.

I did it in a few tries, but didn’t get three stars. Why?
1st walkthrough.

I was able to get it w/o ricocheting the bird off the block. The bird hit the TNT and then fell down killing the pigs which the big pig falling didn’t get! Didn’t get 70000 but got 67000 which is still 3 stars

Is there any change in the G+ version? I have done this before but in this version I just can’t. I have managed to do that trick but still getting 63k =8 so annoying

The first video was hard for them, the people who have comment. It’s just because someone didn’t use the first TNT at the top that’s why it’s hard. good luck too all of you playing chrome angry birds!

I confirmed it works on my droid. I got 65730.

I was having the worst time with this and starting to think it wouldn’t work. Then I started using the blades of grass under the bird stand as a gauge for my cursor and final I was able to launch the bird so that it came down on top of the TNT box and bounced into the top large bolder and fell onto the pigs beneath the chain reaction took care of the rest.

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