Angry Birds Chrome 2-12 | 3 Star Walkthrough | Level 2-12 Theme 1

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Angry Birds Chrome 2-12

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3 Star Walkthrough
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Level 2-12

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this site is awesome!

Excellent. The only AB site I’ve seen that is useful.

to hard

This isn’t the latest chome 2-12 level! instead of two central rock pillars, the right one of them is wooden now

I have the same version and the wooden pillar cannot knock down the outer wall the way it does in the cheat. Is this because I get the game free with my Verizon Droid phone and if I get 3 stars on this last one, then they can’t inundate me with advertising…very very shady rovio and verizon!! that is low considering I pay so much every month to have this terrible phone that doesn’t work most of the time!!!

This Level is the hardest to achieve three stars of this game.

I’ve tried over 100 times,
and I still couldn’t do this!

Players need exact ‘accurate angle’ to hit the targets,
even a slightly mistake of getting the exact right angle could ruin everything!

I gave up.

I just simply want to say the requirement of achieving three stars is too harsh!

And I just simply want to curse the one who set the requirement of getting three stars of this Level.

This is the only 2 star I have left. I finally managed to do it exactly like the video and I still only got 2 stars! I give up. Now I’ll try to beat my high score on all the other levels.

Really? It took me two tries after watching this tutorial. Just shatter enough ice with the blue birds, and you’re in.

not if your version isn’t the exact same as in the cheat…it is just a tactic to make us view more ridiculous advertising!!! I am so angry after seeing this!!! How dare you rovio and verizon!!! you are now on my shit list!!!

I got it wit a different version, it’s all in the balance of the wall, the very last, very top block to the right keeps the wall balanced and you have to knock it down. it should happen when you’re busting up the glass with the blue birds, BUUTTTT, some times[most of the time] it doesn’t.

I have the newer version of AB Chrome, with only one stone pillar. I used the tactic from this vid and managed to get 3 stars after about 50 tries 😀
So yes, it is possible to get the 3 stars with this “guide” in the newer version also.

Whoope! i got all the 189 stars in poached eggs and all the 21 stars in chrome dimension

YES, this cheat works on the NEW version of Angry birds chrome[the one with a single stone and single wooden central pillar]

HERE’S THE KEY!!!: If the VERY TOP, VERY far right stone does not fall when you break the glass with the blue birds, the the wall does not fall inward, it’s still stable and will actually stand alone because that block keeps it balanced.

If it’s still there after using all of your blue birds try a yellow one to knock it off, or just start it over and keep on trying. It took me and my friend 3 days!

It can be done, just like this video, but that one single block is the key and makes the difference between pass and fail.

GOOD LUCK and happy pigging!!!

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