Angry Birds Chrome 1-6 | 3 Star Walkthrough | Level 1-6 Theme 1

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Angry Birds Chrome 1-6

Angry Birds Cheats
Poached Eggs
Theme 1
3 Star Walkthrough
Level 1-6

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This is the only one I can’t get to 3 stars and it’s bugging the hell out of me. I just cannot get the right trajectory to make the blocks on the second box slide left. 🙁

Me Too!!! I have 3 stars on all of level 1 EXCEPT this one! I just can not make it hit at the right angle.

IKR it’s buugging the crap ou t of me playing this at 8 A.M.

mine?? at the first bird, i was able to kill the one in the right and in the middle but crap! why? i wasn’t able to kill that pig in the left!onley the second bird killed it!

oh it was about the cheat in 1-7

I was able to get three stars, still using two shots.

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