Angry Birds Chrome 1-21 | 3 Star Walkthrough | Level 1-21 Theme 1

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Angry Birds Chrome 1-21

Angry Birds Cheats
Poached Eggs
Theme 1
3 Star Walkthrough
Level 1-21

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i love it

how the small blue bird got tripppled?!!!

you click on them and they get tripled

You click on them while they are flying? How the heck are you supposed to do that? I’ve been stuck on this level for 2 days and can’t even come close to completing it much less with 3 stars.

You don’t have to click on the blue birds, just click anywhere on the screen once they have been launched and they will split.

You can just click anywhere on the screen while the little blue birds are flying to triple them. Also when the yellow bird is flying click on the screen and you will increase its speed.

Its nice , I have already got a two star in this one.But I am looking forward to make it 3.

It wouldn’t work with me!!

This one is driving me nutz. I have been stuck on this for over a week. I have watched the video dozens of times and the most I can get is two pigs. Aarrrggghhh

@0:14, you can use your red bird (second bird in line) to weaken the outmost of those three boards, then launch your yellow bird at just the right angle, you can punch right through all of those blocks and take out that fat pig. Then hit the rest taking out the last pig on the far right. It’s difficult, took me probably about an hour of just rage-restarting until I figured out that system, now its just a matter of scoring more than 74k doing it.

Omg I love this game I finished all of the levels now I’m working on 3 stars in all of them web I’m bored I just sit and click on the birds in the title screen to hear their noises and listen to the epic music lol.



91,370 FTW

Just got 91,620. Finally got my three stars!

Yeah guys, I tried. The blue birds are tripled and the yellow become fast

i have 79720 highscore =D

the yellow ones go faster too…

I can’t get three stars on this level for the life of me! I even cleared with 2 yellow birds to spare and still only 2 stars!

My yellow ones can NOT do that much damage, is there a trick? I’ve made them get faster by clicking and everything, but they do nothing close to the amount of damage on this video

I’ve tried this, and my yellow birds, even after being clicked do NOT do that much damage. Any suggestions?

i’m loving it….

THANK YOU! OMG I have been on this level forever! 1 star 3 three stars, who cares…I finally did it!

99910 my score . . . . if u want to confirm come at my place

i am stuck in this for for for ,I don’t even remember for how many days!!!!!!!!!!!

this was really easy 😀 hey guys, the red bird can also do a lil bit more damage if you click

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