Angry Birds Chrome 1-20 | 3 Star Walkthrough | Level 1-20 Theme 1

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Lots of comments saying this technique doesn’t work. So we recorded another video doing the same level, same method and 3 starred it in 4 tries. You can see the high score from the first video in the screen capture and see it being beat in the new video below.

Hope this clears up the questions on how to do it.
Just shoot lower on the first bird, and arc slightly higher on the second one to get it to angle down when it hits.


Just for good measure, we did one more that uses a different method for 3-Starring the level. It takes 3 birds instead of 2, but actually scores more points.


Angry Birds Chrome 1-20

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Theme 1
3 Star Walkthrough
Level 1-20

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ddnt work fo me…………….

me too..tsk don’t help

Trouble is I’m playing it online and the game is different. The birds have no power, I have hit the blocks just as in the video and instead of smashing them the birds just bounce off.

Also when you launch into the air on-line you lose sight of them so have no idea when to put in the boost.

didn’t work for me either

I can not get past this level!!!

That’s the way I did it too. It’s easy to setup that first bird. It’s the second that is really hard to hit just right.

it works for me!!1

this is seriously annoying…….these cheats are stupid cuz u cant get the same angle as the dude in the vid.

We’ve added two new non-stupid videos. Hope these will help you three star the level. Thanks for using our site.

Physics?? It’s a game… code, not reality. Not subject to “physics” geez

it works, some people are just dumb and cant figure out a little simlpe physics. it clearly shows success in the first video, i didnt even have to see the other ones. the move is not as easy to replicate as in the video, but it is possible

not everone is a physics teacher!! look this a bad thin but it will work if u try hard!!!

[…] like with Angry Birds Chrome 1-20 there are lots of comments saying this technique doesn’t work, that it’s dumb luck and that […]

I have the angles but the birds in the video are penetrating much farther than mine. It really looks to me like the problem is that my birds are not getting the velocity that yours are. Is this a function of the computer speed? Is this code running on the host machine?

It is not a function of the speed of your computer or code on the machine. It’s just when you click to accelerate the birds (notice the larger smoke cloud in the trail behind the bird – that’s when the click to accelerate happens). Watch the videos closely and you can replicate the moves. Thanks!

I too do not get the velocity that you get in the video. Also, there is no smoke cloud in the trail behind the bird on my screen.

how can I get super velocity ??

I got it once But NO IDEA how…

Worked for me dudes… Just keep trying!!! πŸ˜›

Nice! Thanks for commenting.

yeah..TY…. after 9 attempts.. I completed the Level 1 – 20, Theme 1. Thanks again…. !!

Dude! I devised another method! First hit high vtw. the 2 slabs and the big stone, the hit on the woods which r lying low, then use the final one to crash the big stone on those 2 bloody pigs! Result :- Level Cleared! NEw High Score! 59570 (3 stars) (p.s. i did it in my 19th try) πŸ˜€

easy get the first bird right low πŸ™‚

It works…..just make sure you hit the speed of the bird at the right time.

This is another level that isn’t impossible like commenters are saying. Sure it takes a few tries, maybe 20-30, but if every level was 3-starable in 1-2 turns, how much fun would the game be?


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Hanging With Friends Cheat

first one worked for me!

Thanks! FINALLY! This method worked for me – – as you say, after 19 times!

my highscore is54640

If you are using a mouse you click it on the screen when the bird is flying. And, I read somewhere, if you are using a touch screen you touch the screen as the bird is flying. It accelerates the bird but also makes the trajectory go down… kinda tricky, but fun to fool around with.

the first video worked for me!

HELL YEAH it worked for me πŸ˜€

It does not work for me. it only gets the bird on the left, but not on the right. i’ve probably tried 1,000 times!! >:(

Good thing for them. BUT FOR ME First I will hit the small woods at the top. then hit the big woods. And after hit the woods to where the pigs are there. Good thing I did it without this video. But it took me for how many times! Too plenty!

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