Angry Birds 5-21 | 3 Star Walkthrough | Level 5-21 | Theme 2 – Mighty Hoax

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Angry Birds 5-21

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Level 5-21

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Just an fyi… This picture/video is slightly different from my Chrome version of Mighty Hoax Level 5-21. My version shows ONLY ONE empty square below the pig at the top right side. This video shows two empty squares. I’m not sure if it really makes a difference when clearing the level but I thought it was worth mentioning. πŸ™‚

Actually, I just noticed that the same applies to the left hand side of the structures in my Chrome version of Mighty Hoax Level 5-21. There’s ONLY ONE empty square below the top pig on the far left side instead of two. The right and left side structures “almost” mirror each other and DOES as for the number and placement of the squares; however, the video here doesn’t represent what I see when I play this level with my Chrome browser on my laptop. Maybe there is a difference in the REAL Angry Birds vs. the Chrome Version??

There is a difference. Additionally even depending on when the videos were taken, there are difference in Chrome specific levels, because they have changed some of them over time making them either more difficult to 3 Star or requiring a higher overall point total to get three stars.

It absolutely makes a difference. Why don’t you show how you did it with the shorter towers instead of the regular screen shot……because it can’t be done!

Beth, You are right, it does make a difference. I have always prided myself on finding my own Angry Bird three star solutions, but finally caved on this level. First off, the missing boxes make a difference, my droid tablet has the extra ones and three stars was no problem on that. If there is a three star solution it would really be cool if it were published.

Man, my towers are both short in Chrome and I can’t win after a week. I’m pulling out my hair! I got 164550 once (2 stars) and can’t top it. Has anyone seen a vid of it?

And, does anybody notice that the chrome version birds do a lot less damage than on these walkthroughs?

OMG! Yippie-Ki-Yay!! I can’t believe I’m finished!! With the exception of Seasons Greedings daily levels that countdown to Christmas and two Christmas present bonus levels, I have just finished the ENTIRE Angry Birds game for Google Chrome which includes:

Poached Eggs Worlds 1, 2, & 3 each through Level 21
Mighty Hoax Worlds 4 & 5 each through Level 21
Chrome Dimensions Levels 1 through 10

Each day, I finish the daily level for Seasons Greedings. Now all I have to do is go back and make sure I have 3 stars on each level already done and try to beat my high score. I won’t be able to collect feathers unless I buy and play the REAL Angry Birds but that’s ok. This was a free game and it was awesome! Maybe Chrome will add more levels to their version. This game has been VERY ADDICTIVE and lots of fun! πŸ™‚ Thanks to everyone who helped me get through the obstacles.

Everyone have a wonderful holiday season!!! :)) :))

Congrats Ima! Merry Christmas from Angry Birds Cheats.

Ah, thank you! Merry Christmas to you too!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

I have all the eggs and all the stars. Now what?

On Google Chrome (don’t know if this is similar on other devices), the tall towers on level 5-21 are both shorter than shown in the walkthrough. This means less stone to break and therefore less points. Also, it’s nearly impossible to have the far right tower break through to the pig on the bottom level because the stones don’t fall far enough. Bottom line, with the lower towers, it seems impossible to score 3 stars. If anyone has a method that works, I’d love to know.

It feels as though “Mighty Hoax” refers to not being able to get three stars on the final level. πŸ™‚

I finally got 3 stars on the Chrome version of level 5-21 – the one with the shorter towers. 175,000 points appears to be the threshold. I got 175,480 by bombing the first tower, just below the little shelf until I got rid of all the pigs in the tower and to the right of it, including the beach ball. I kept doing this until I scored at least 90,000 points with the first black bomb bird. Killing all the pigs is not enough. You have to also break enough stones to score at least 90,000 with the first bird. It sounds like a lot, but I’ve scored over 100,000 on a couple of occasions. I then used the yellow birds to break a few stones and get a few extra points. I did not use them to take down the right tower. I left it still standing and then launched one of the white bombers in a high arc and detonated it just before it hit the ground immediately adjacent to the right tower. I did the same thing with the second white bomber, only this time I aimed it a bit further to the right. After about a thousand or more tries, I finally got the three stars. So it can be done, but it’s extremely difficult. Good Luck

Morvin … that is exactly the strategy I used as well … a lot of trial-and-error led me to the final score of 181510

Finally got 3 stars on Chrome 5-21 (A Mighty Hoax). Nearly impossible, but do-able (barely). You have to destroy nearly every stone, brick, wood block, beach ball and, of course, pig on the whole board. Here’s my method… I threw the bomb bird at the two vertical stone pillars closest to the slingshot, about halfway up. Click to explode the bird early just as it breaks the pillars. With practice, you should be able to break the pillars as well as the two stone bricks right behind the pillars. Do this well and you release an avalanche of destruction that breaks almost all the stone and wood in the first tower. If there’s a pig or two left over, don’t worry. I got 176k with the pig king and helmet pig left. I used the yellow birds to kill these two pigs and break more stones, resulting in a score of about 98,000. You must have OVER 95,000, with the right tower intact, before you start slinging white birds or you should just reset. So here’s my big hint – if you haven’t destroyed almost all the stones in the first tower with the bomb bird, just reset. You’ll save a lot of time in the end. Took me about 50 tries. Then I slung the first white bird at the bottom left of the far right tower, dropping an egg just before the tower and breaking through the two stone bricks to kill the pig and drop the top-left and bottom-left squares. Then a high, arcing toss with the second white bird to drop an egg at the upper-left corner of the lower-right square brought the rest of the tower down and killed the last pigs.

Thank you Morvin, your strategy helped me to get 177’000 points in Chrome.
I slightly modified your approach: I kept trying throwing the bomb until I got ca. 95’000 points, all pigs in the left tower destroyed AND enough space right next to the right tower to land a white bird.
My change is: I used the two yellow birds to put some cracks into the lower left blocks of the right tower. That made it easier for the first white bird to explode, penetrate and take out the left half of the right tower.
I then launched the second white bird in a flat arc at the remaining right half of the right tower.

morvin – It worked!! Thanks for the tip! 176,060 points after hours and hours!

Thanks for the post Morvin. I was trying the same strategy and just broke 17000, and thought that would get me 3 stars. I was so disappoint when it didn’t. But your post gives me hope to keep trying… i’m 7 hours in so far…

Hate it, Hate it, Hate it…. I’ve never spent so much time, on one level, on any game ever!!! And still can’t get 3 stars …….. Going off for an ice pack for my wrist and then I’ll try again…… and again ….. and again. Can I also say thanks for all the helpful tips, I will get it, some time this year.

Thanks Morvin! I must have spent a solid 4 hours playing that level. Took me only two tries to get it with your method.

Great Morvin! Took your advice. Whew!! 176410 on Chrome.

Two questions please –

1) How do I get more Golden Eggs? I only have two showing and I have scored on both.
2) How do I get to the next level to play?

Your web site states at the bottom right to contact you with any questions but there is no contact us button.

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