Angry Birds 4-21 | 3 Star Walkthrough | Level 4-21 | Theme 2 – Mighty Hoax

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Angry Birds 4-21

Angry Birds Cheats
Mighty Hoax
Theme 2
3 Star Walkthrough
Level 4-21

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2 birds don’t make the tower fall over… Even 4 only break the stone and the tower falls on the wrong side. I don’t know why there are differences between the same game but on different supports… but this just doesn’t work!

I dont know what you are using but it took me 8 tries and to knock it over to the right side, i had to use all but two of my birds

i agree. played this board about 100 times. 2 birds NEVER knock over the tower. Fact is google chrome has some glitches. fact is, it is impossible to get 3 stars on every board because the gameplay is different. Bombs don’t work as good. Stone and wood don’t break as easy. Neither does snow. what works on the phone is virtually impossible online. thanks for making an inferior version so we can waste our time and never win.

Worked for me.

I have it on my windows phone and I can knoci the tower over with one bird. U just have to get the bird to hit the right point and if u move a bird just a mm from the last trail from the previous bird it will hit in another spot not the same so it’s all in exact match and hitting it in the right point

2 birds still does not knock over tower and can not kill all pigs to get to next level….YET, I will keep trying variations to come up with the right kill strategy.

I play this board more than 200 times. over 100 using the tip above. I can knock down the tower using ALL the birds, if I get it rocking properly, but it will notm go downas shown. Any ideas from others?

I won using only 3 birds!

I have gone high to get the right hand stone prong on the tower, Hard, with just one bird the top tumbles and it takes out some pigs too. Cleared the level many times but stuck on 2 stars

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