Angry Birds 4-20 | 3 Star Walkthrough | Level 4-20 | Theme 2 – Mighty Hoax

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Angry Birds 4-20

Angry Birds Cheats
Mighty Hoax
Theme 2
3 Star Walkthrough
Level 4-20

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How do you get passed this level?

I’ve tried and tried to do this level just like the video shows but my first bird/bomb never completely destroys the first section and I think that’s key to making it through this level. Now I’ve lost my place to where I was posting comments so I’m pretty lost. LOL! Good luck! 🙂

I finally cleared it but I wasn’t able to do it just like the video. I actually think it was a total fluke that I finished this level. LOL!

In observance of 4-20, I rip a bong hit every time I try this level. This is one of 2 levels that I can’t seem to get all 3 stars. I’ve been on it for days! Lol.

Wen I saw the 4-20 I was like damn…..i wish I had something for that…lol…every time I do this level, I just barely miss winning..

I did what the video did but i only got one star >:(

I’ve tried this literally hundreds of times and the first bird never destroys this much. I’ve given up on getting 3 stars, I really think this is a fluke.

I’ve tried this literally hundreds of times and none of the birds do what they do in this video. It’s either a fake or a total fluke.

The mighty hoax is right! My game reacts nothing like the video.

This video must have a faster server – -making the birds stronger and faster. My birds NEVER have the strength that the videos have. Your birds will break thru 2 walls – -and mine, barely one. Yes, I know the “boosters” – but they’re not enough.

I did it like it was shown on the video,…. the birds didn´t exactly “this” ways,… but i made a 3 star with 57.000 ;o)
thx a lot!!

110330 first try after watching video.. and before i had 104,000 and two stars, so, c’mon seven.. stop lying

I am on level Mighty Hoax and cannot get the 4-20 to work like it shows on the video. What do you do if you want to walk past a point you cannot get through? I want to skip it and get to the next spot.

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