Angry Birds 17-7 | 3 Star Walkthrough | Level 17-7 Theme 6 – Mine and Dine

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Angry Birds 17-7

Angry Birds Cheats
Mine and Dine
Theme 6
3 Star Walkthrough
Level 17-7

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the most difficult level for me…. hhhhfffffhhh….

This would be more helpful if it actually showed the cheat for the level pictured. Instead it shows a completely different level in the video. ????

Strange that you are having problems. For us, this page shows the Angry Birds – Mine and Dine 17-7 Walkthrough video, which is what this page is labeled. What level video are you seeing?

Keep scrolling down to 17-3, your looking at 16-3. I thought the same thing until I scrolled down more.

This is not the same game for me either, the board is similar but Mt birds are 2white and then 2 yellow.

I keep getting the first bird to hit the wooden peg like in the video, but I’m not having the same result. Every time it just makes the pig farthest to the right and the pig above it disappear, but the bigger one and the tiny one with the headlight stay. I’ve been on this level for hours now!!!

Nevermind! I finally got it =D

There is a problem with this page-what shows in the video is totally different from the thumb on the previous page, which is what MY game looks like. I don’t know what this level/game is.

Hi Harry. Yes people have commented and we just realized what the problem was after your post. The individual pages are correctly labeled and the Mine and Dine page is correctly labeled, but we were showing thumbnail images for level 15 on the links to 15 and 16 and the thumbnail images for level 16 as level 17. Anyway, it’s fixed now. Thanks for using our site and helping point out our mistakes so that we can get them fixed!

ABC Admin

In level 17-7 i funally got it down but keep hitting the perfect spots and the ine tiny jerk frog is left in a block and have to use 2nd yellow bird for days now!!

This one is sadistic.

Thanks for a great cheating site. Have a puzzle. I’ve follewed your instructions, it worked scored 113170 and i’ve still Got only one Star (with 2 birds left)
Can you explain that?

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