Angry Birds 12-3 | 3 Star Walkthrough | Level 12-3 | Theme 5 – Ham ’em High

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Angry Birds 12-3

Angry Birds Cheats
Ham ‘Em High
Theme 5
3 Star Walkthrough
Level 12-3

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this is bullsh!t … the last 2 small pigs on the right side dont die …
How come it always works on the vids and when you really do the exact same thing, it doesnt work for you ?
Damn, this is so frustrating … Im an ANGRY Angry-Birds player now …

I meant, they dont die using only the red bird …. you need to use the yellow one and as a consequence you cant get the 3 stars …

Oscar – totally agree with you. Have run this level hundreds of times on my iphone always with the same result – the 2 pigs on the right never die with the red bird and you have to use the yellow bird as well. Net this way of completing this level does not work on an iphone at least or person posting this video got extremely lucky!

Worked for me on about my 20th try.

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