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Cold Cuts 2-13 is a cool level.  The location of the golden eggsteroid is a bit deceptive.  If you look on the planet surface, you will see an arrow sign.  That is your target.  Once you hit that spot, the portal will open up and send you onto Eggsteroid E-5 Level.  This final stage pays homage to a more obscure classic game, Star Castle.

Take your first bird and fling it along the very top part of the orbit around the planet.  The bird will arc towards the surface.  Once the bird moves along the back portion of the star structure, tap the spot where the two walls join at the central point.  This will cause the structure to collapse and implode to the planet’s central core.  All of the pigs should be knocked out at this point.  Congratulations on successfully completing Eggsteroids.

Angry Birds Space E-5
Eggsteroids E-5
Eggsteroids Location Bonus Level
E-5 Location Level

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Level E-5
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Cold Cuts 2-28, not 2-13, leads to Eggsteroid E-5.

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