Angry Birds Space Eggsteroids E-3 Location | Golden Egg Level E-3 Location

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Cold Cuts 2-13 is where the Golden Eggsteroid is located for E-3.  You will see the ice planet, as well as a regular asteroid style planet below the flinging station.  You want to launch your bird and then tap the golden egg spot, so that the bird will redirect and open up your portal.

Now you get to experience the Atari classic, Breakout!  You want to slide your bomb bird just to the left of the right side opening.  The bricks will cause the bird to bounce around, recreating the old school classic.  After your first attempt, take the second bird and slide it into the field of play on the opposite side (to the left).  The ping pong effect should free up the remaining pig and get you going to the next eggsteroid.

Angry Birds Space E-3
Eggsteroids E-3
Eggsteroids Location Bonus Level
E-3 Location Level

Episode: Eggsteroids
Level E-3
3 Star Walkthrough

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