Angry Birds Space 4-8 | Utopia 4-8 | 3 Star Walkthrough

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To get three stars on Utopia 4-8, just aim the first bird, slight below the red bouncy ball/planet. Make sure it’s low enough to ricochet straight down, but not too low so it misses it and doesn’t bounce off. You want a perfect right angle here, so it goes straight down. Also make sure to time your shot so there are no pigs in bubbles in the path. The bird will then fly straight down and pop the corn kernals and take out all the pigs at once. You may have to repeat the shot 4-5 times to get it to work, but it will.

This walkthrough is one method to get 3 stars on Angry Birds Space, Utopia 4-8. The purpose of this walkthrough demo is to give the viewer a basic look at how this level can be beat. Feel free to try to replicate it shot for shot or improvise, by using more birds and taking second or third shots differently, if you’d like. There are very few levels in the Angry Birds franchise that only have one single solution, so for most, there are other ways three stars can be achieved. If you have an alternate solution, comment or questions, please post using the comment form below.

Angry Birds Space 4-8
Utopia 4-8

Episode: Utopia
Level 4-8
3 Star Walkthrough

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