Angry Birds Seasons 1-16 | Angry Birds Seasons Greedings 1-16 | 3 Star Walkthrough

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Angry Birds Seasons 1-16

Angry Birds Cheats
Season’s Greedings
Theme 4
3 Star Walkthrough
Level 1-16

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I can’t get the feather on 1-16 seasons greedings could ya help an angry person out thanks

I’m having the same problem. Can’t get past 96% for the past three weeks and it’s the only level I don’t have the feather on. Very frustrated.

I just got 3 star by using different approach.
Use 1st white bird to glide in and destroy now blocks at left edge of structure.
Use Big Red to take out the first two pigs (& possibly more)
Use Second White Bird to take out next group of pigs by dropping egg on leading edge of column just before hitting it.
Use Yellow Bird to zoom in on bottom pig in wood block causing last column of pigs to fall.
This is the only way I could pass the 100000 score and get 3 stars.

Linda, I got my 3 stars the way you said. thanks a bunch.

i cant get passed 99390, fucking frustrating !! makes me a VERY angry angry-birds player !

OK, what am I doing wrong…I can’t get above 98,000 as score. When I destroy the pigs and have white bird left, I can’t score above 88,000. What’s the key???

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